Top 5 Wedding Wow factors

Every wedding has a wow factor, from a beautiful cake design or spontaneous colour theme to an emotional moment captured with words or actions. Today I want to explore these wow factors and the people behind them. ;-)

So what is a wedding wow factor? and how do you make sure your wedding has one? Let explore  what these couples wedding wow factors were…


1. Dress

A brides dress can be a major

2. Venue

3. Cake

4. Entertainment

5. Ambience

All you need is love, sometimes emotional moments are what really make for a beautiful wedding.



No one wedding will ever be the same, as peoples tastes and personalities influence how the day runs and feels. To me  a wedding wow factor is:

“something that makes you pause in the moment, to appreciate just what’s in front of you, its a focal point or moment that becomes a feature of conversations, a image that will remain with you for you to treasure”.

What is your wedding wow factor?


Abbie x


Lets Talk Wedding Makeup

Ok so here is a discussion all brides need to have at some point before their wedding…makeup! Will you hire a professional MUA (Make Up Artist) or are you happy to do it yourself? Lets talk more.

Makeup can often be side-lined to a later date, which could be dangerous! Good MUA are often booked up months in advance so like you would a hairdresser you need to start the research earlier to avoid disappointment. You could start by asking your married friends and family who they used, its nice to here honest recommendations, you could also go online and look on Facebook at examples of their current and existing work.

Look to see if the MUA has a bridal section, wedding makeup is specialist as it needs to have good  staying power, be flawless, and applied in a way that photographs extremely well.

Wedding Lipstick

Wedding Lipgloss

Wedding Foundation


Lets face it,  we all like a bargain and sometimes I have heard brides question if having their makeup done is an essential. Well the answer is… is it essential to you?

Having been both a MUA and a bride I understand that sometimes it can seem costly , however…

  • Your makeup needs to last all day and photograph well, so it is important to choose products that are right for your skin.
  • Whether you choose a MUA or do it yourself you need to first think about your skin care, this will be determined by your skin type. Your skin type will decide what base of foundation should  be used, water based, oil based, powder based and so on.
  • Having your skin prepared and primed before applying your make up will allow the finished look to stay perfect for longer, so don’t rush the finer details.
  • A trial 6-8 weeks before your wedding day is ESSENTIAL!

Below is a photograph of my trial, that I did on myself, its a good idea if you decide to your own makeup is to take a picture in the natural daylight so you can see how the colours and finish photograph’s.

wedding makeup (2)

A trial with a make up artist will allow you to trial different looks, discuss your requirement’s and ask questions you may have.

A lot of make up artists insist you book a trial as they can then create a face chart of products that they have used on you, this is important because:

  • They can ensure you have had no allergic reactions.
  • They can record shades used.
  • They can complete the exact same look again on the day.
  • They can add notes and record the finer details.

(If you decide to do your own makeup still carry out the trial for the same reasons)

If you decide you are confident enough to do your makeup on your special day, take your time and have your face chart to hand to refer back to.


A Magical Zoo Wedding

Today I start a new journey in to the world of blogging, I hope those of you that are reading this will join me and share the exciting and inspiring adventures of “Wedding Gossip”. My dream is to create a place were all brides and grooms can share their stories.

Todays story starts from the very place I originally got the idea to write a blog our wedding ;-)

Dave and I got married on the 22nd June 2014 at Yorkshire Wildlife Park near Doncaster. We planned our day to be spent with our closest of friends and family having a fun yet relaxed feel spent outdoors viewing some of the parks amazing endangered animals.

Here is our story….


dessert table

wedding cake-K1900 Read More