Must Have Wedding Stuff

Many brides are at a loss as to what accessories to wear on their wedding day. Something new, something borrowed, and something blue are all nice suggestions to complete your wedding look. However, there are some must-haves that you need to consider very well where to get. And these are the following:

Must Have #1: Necklace

Your necklace should very well complement your wedding dress. A pearl drop necklace is very ideal because of its ivory white color and elegant look. Pearls are precious stones that are simply perfect for any wedding. Wear them with the matching earrings and you’ll look more than perfect.

Must Have #2: Handkerchief

A small, very delicate white handkerchief tucked somewhere will be of high importance on a very intimate, very emotional wedding day. Ask somebody to give you a hanky after you walked down the aisle. You can have your maid of honor hold on to it until you need it.

Must Have #3: The best pair of shoes

No wedding ensemble is complete without the most fabulous pair of shoes. This is your chance to look like a supermodel on the catwalk. Select a pair of wedding shoes that you can be very proud of. While these shoes are mostly hidden inside the wedding gown, it is still best that you invest on them fairly well. After all, no bride will wear the not-so perfect shoes for her wedding day. It has to be absolutely perfect.
Must Have #4: Hair accessory
No bride will look complete without putting something on her hair. Be sure you’ve got something to crown your tresses. Be it a semi-precious tiara, fresh white flowers, rhinestone-studded hair clip, or a long white veil, there must be something on your hair to distinguish you as the bride and not just one of the girls.

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