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Good planning is about being focused and organised about what you want, whether it’s about what you have to spend, the amount of guests to have at each table or how to manage your budget allowance in to different areas of your wedding. ;-)
I always think a budget is a good place to start when planning a wedding, you can say a budget you would like to spend eg)£5,000 and then a maximum can’t be a penny over eg) £6,000 that way you try your hardest to stick to the lower one (make it like a game) and then if you have forgotten something or a price is higher than what you thought…there’s no last minute rush on trying to get extra funds.
Planning involves strategically making a list of things that need to be achieved, and then working out the best possible steps to achieve those plans the easiest and time effective way possible.
It may sound daunting…but do not worry we have a number of cool tools to help you work out your budget, how to organise who sits where and payment plan ideas.   ;-)

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