Top 5 Beach Wedding Ideas

Some women dream of being married in a beach setting. And their choice has a lot to do with the beautiful scenery, the participation of nature, and the light and free atmosphere of the beach. Beach weddings will definitely go perfect if it is planned fairly well. Here are the top 5 beach ideas that you can use to make your wedding a fantastic one:
1. Pick a secluded beach resort.
There are surely a lot of beach resorts for couples to hold their wedding at. However, try to pick a location that is very private. You surely don’t want to get married on a beach where there are a lot of tourists going about their water activities. What you want is a secluded area where there’s only you, your partner, and the rest of the invited guests to frolic about.
2. Give away favors that are useful at the beach.
You can consider parasols, tanning lotions, towels, or blankets as your wedding favors. Your guests will surely remember how romantic you’re wedding at the beach was every time they use your giveaways during their personal beach escapade.
3. Choose a pretty and short white dress as your wedding outfit.
Although there’s no stopping you from wearing a full gown at the beach for your wedding, try to keep everything light and to the theme with a shorter dress. White is the color of choice but you can also go for blue if you want.

4. Go for lei flowers (Hawaii word for a garland), and seashells for decorations.
Make a huge arch right at the shore and wrap it with flowers. That’s where the bride will make her grand entrance during her wedding day. Also, put shells designs on the wedding cake, on the tables, and everywhere else. Flowers and seashells do make the perfect beach wedding decorations after all.

5.Consider the heat when choosing a cake

Think about the heat, most cakes will not be able to stand out long in the heat without melting!!! Especially chocolate. Perhaps have the cake made by the hotel and kept inside to later be enjoyend during the evening reception.

Many thanks to "Nice Weddings" for the fab and dreamy picture ;-)


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